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Covid cases rise in northeast as BA.2 omicron subvariant takes hold

PHILADELPHIA — Coronavirus cases are again climbing in the Northeast as the BA.2 omicron subvariant — which is even more contagious than its predecessor — becomes the predominant strain in the United States. But experts say early signs suggest Americans do not need to fear a repeat of the explosion
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Covid-19 Vaccines Carry Low Risk of Heart Conditions, Studies Find

The risk of developing inflammatory heart conditions after Covid-19 vaccination is relatively low, two large studies found, especially when compared with the heart-related risks from Covid-19 disease itself and from vaccines against other diseases. One study, an analysis of 22 previous studies, found that the risk of the conditions including
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COVID-19 treatments are being left unused in Michigan. Here’s why

Thousands of doses of COVID-19 therapeutics and preventive treatments sit unused in Michigan because doctors haven’t been prescribing them, the state’s top doctor told the Free Press last week. “The issue in the beginning had been that we thought demand would outpace supply and that didn’t really happen in the
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This is how the COVID-19 pandemic will end

Dr. Tom Benzoni is an emergency physician, practicing locally. A frequent topic of discussion lately is how the COVID-19 pandemic ends. As is usual when trying to predict the future, the near-term is pretty much anybody’s guess. The longer-term view is clearer: COVID-19 will become incorporated into our lifecycle, just
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An uncertain future: evolution of Covid variants concerns US scientists

As the BA.2 wave reaches its peak in the UK and begins subsiding in some European countries, US health officials are looking to an uncertain future even as American lawmakers have delayed renewing funds to address the pandemic. While the Omicron subvariant now makes up an estimated 72% of Covid
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