Orthopedic surgery is one of the most difficult residencies to match into. Recently UMHS alumni Nequesha Mohamed, MD accomplished this goal and will begin her residency at Wake Forest Baptist in North Carolina this summer. Dr. Mohamed is a native of Canada and in a recent interview discusses in detail the unique process that she used to meet her goal of matching into this coveted program. Please check out the details of her journey by reading this recent article by Scott Harrah, MA – Dr. Nequesha Mohamed on Orthopedic Surgery residency at Wake Forest In addition, a wonderful video interview in which Dr. Mohamed discusses her path from Ajax, Ontario to the University of Ontario, where she majored in neuroscience to UMHS and finally to Orthopedic surgery residency can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCWYAr-R210.

Dr. Mohamed also discusses why she chose to attend a Medical  School in the Caribbean and then finally chose UMHS. Here is an excerpt of her interview about that subject. “while I did fairly well in my undergrad, I had a couple of struggles in a couple of classes. So, looking at options that were available to me, I knew that I had to be a doctor and I wasn’t going to stop. And UMHS came up as one of those options to go to the Caribbean and do medical school. And out of the ones that I’d researched, I felt like UMHS put the most effort into trying to answer my questions and trying to make me feel comfortable going to another country to study medicine. So that was really what swayed me to choosing this school and saying, okay, they seem like they care about their students and they’re going to set you up to be successful.

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